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 Grooming a black terrier                                                 

4.Besides having a brush regularly, a black russian terrier needs some additional extraction of excessive undercoat.


5. If it is rather easy to extract if you are supposed to use a comb with short prongs.


6. The coat of a BRT with plenty of undercoat should be looked after with great care. You are to comb it out with a special comb called "Coat King"

7. You should use this instrument very carefully, not to pul out too much undercoat


 Blackies in show coat should be bathed and fluff dried regularly. A shampoo routine is as important as regular brushing because clean hair grows faster and is healthier than dirty hair. Use warm water throughout the shampoo; cold water tends to make the coat limp and hot water activates overactive sebaceous glands.

For washing you should use very good shampoo such as Khara, Lady Belle, Hery, Kosmeo, Crown Royal, Biogroom for hard and black coat.

 Always keep your dryer set on "Warm", not "Hot". Keep in mind that during the drying process you are pulling and stretching the wet hair. Hair has a great amount of elasticity, but can be overstretched, weakened and damadged by hot air.



10.Then you should cut the hair short (the lower part of the tail, hind hipbone, the back side of the hindquarters and the belly) with the clippers.


11. Using the scissors form the hair like in the picture. Don't forget to hide the drawbacks of the hindquarters if there are some.


12. I would like to notice that there are many different types of grooming but I am describing the type that I like.


13. The final result

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