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 Care of the show coat
    A black russian terrier must be structurally sound and in top condition if he is to be shown in the ring. Physical perfections achieved by good food, proper exercise, fresh air and regular grooming over a long period of time.The easiest way to keep you BRT in good condition is to brush and comb the coat regularly. The mistake most owners make is not brushing the hair to the skin. This means parting the coat and holding down the unbrushed hair with your free hand to separate it from the hair that is being brushed. Along with the correct brush and comb, you will need a "Coat Conditioner", a specially formulated product that is sprayedlightly onto the hair before brushing. It makes brushing easier, helps remove tangles, eliminates dryness, and adds a shine to the hair which deepens and enriches the natural coat color


2. before brushing

 3. after brushing
 Coat care between shows
    To best condition the dog coat, use a light oil. One with protein adds body and eliminates flaking, and helps repair damaged hair, rather than just give an attractive sheen for a few days. Such a conditioner should be used during the brushing process at least twice a week. You can use also a conditioner with mink oil which contains an ultraviolet sunscreen to protect the coat against sun discoloration. Do remember that oil is used only between shows and must be completely shampooed from the hair before a dog is exhibited in the show ring.

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